New Technologies and the Green Economy

Leading New Zealand business jounrnalist, Rod Oram, recently stated that, “we can have a better economy and a better climate, thanks to dramatic shifts in the world economy that began some five years ago” (Sunday Star Times article, “Missing the big picture”). He was referring to a report by the Global Commission on the Economy and the Climate. The report says that conventional economic analysis fails to capture the benefits flowing from improvements in innovation, technology, energy and resource efficiency and quality of life. Rod comments that,

“it is already cheaper to build and run high quality, compact urban environments… than it is to build and run sprawling, inefficient cities dependent on fossil fuels”.

Many organisations are working to promote sustainability in New Zealand among whom are, the Sustainable Business Network and the New Zealand Green Building Council. See the SBN website resources section for more information. The Links section of this website lists more organisations involved in sustainability.

Care of Creation Bulletin photoThe Anglican Diocese of Auckland’s Rev’d Jim Hunt, supported by the Rev’d Vivienne Hill and Dr Nicola Hoggard Creegan, publishes a regular Care of Creation bulletin in which he highlights new developments occurring around the world. You can read past bulletins or go the Education section of this website for more.


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